How do you stand out in consulting application?

Internships or relevant work experiences can be a great way to demonstrate your skills and interests in consulting. Be sure to mention in your application any internships or work experience that are relevant to consulting. Stand out from the competition by showcasing your strengths and unique experiences. Standing out in an interview requires going beyond small talk and asking questions.

Ultimately, think about what's important for the interviewer to know about you and how you'll perform in the consulting job. Develop your confidence in your skills and behavior so that customers feel confident when assigning their projects to you. As for the curriculum, rigorous education, top-level schools, and work experience in consulting firms or innovative firms are always an advantage. Volunteering and other extracurricular activities (sports or music, in particular, if done at a professional level) are other great advantages.

Did you spend all night in college to accumulate credits and keep your list of deans standing? Did you pass your job interviews and secure a position at a top-level consulting firm? Have you distinguished yourself as a professional prodigy who rose to the top category when you were 20 years old? Congratulations. You're very smart with a great job, and your commitment and excellence are commendable. Unfortunately, they may not be enough to guarantee admission to one of the best MBA programs in the world. The average GMAT scores of the best universities are already quite striking (738 in the Stanford GSB, 733 in the Wharton and 730 in the HBS) and it seems that they are increasing a little every year.

However, keep in mind that the average score of management consultants is usually between 10 and 20 points higher; it is a fact that they have extraordinary analytical skills. Consultants also tend to apply a little earlier than other candidates and usually perform the exams very well. Therefore, if your GMAT is not at least below the school average, if not above it, it will not be considered a competitive score. I obtained excellent grades both in school and in the degree in Mechanical Engineering (95% in both cases) and I have worked for 3 years (6 months as an intern, 1 year in marketing and 1.5 years managing B2B sales for a specific region and I have won the award for the best manager in the country) in a multinational company on the Fortune 500 list in India.

Extracurricular programs include music, live events, etc. Also, I'm not sure what kind of standardized grades and scores I should include. My college average was at a low of 3.My high school SAT scores were 770 in math, 720 in reading, and 680 in writing. I also have several AP exams with 5 and SAT II with an average of 700.

Does it make sense to include these scores at the top of my resume with my education, even though I'm an “experienced employee”? A management consultant is a problem solver, a data expert, and a communication professional all rolled into one. This shows how important it is to write a strong consulting resume when applying to be a consultant. Learn the BCG case online and learn how to approach this specific Boston Consulting Group exam when you want to start your consulting career. Unfortunately, the management consultant is one of the most common profiles among the elite of MBA candidates (along with that of finance and technology).

So what does it take to write the perfect consulting resume? This article will cover four essential guidelines you should follow when preparing your resume for a consulting opportunity.

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