How management consulting add value?

Management consultants add value by helping their customers improve product quality, grow and expand the business, reduce costs, retain valuable talent, etc. On the other hand, even if a customer didn't ask you to solve anything, are there any problems you can eliminate? Customers also hire consultants to access their experience in a particular industry or function. In this case, you give the perspective, as a representative of a certain class, that the customer is interested in medical oncologists, efficient operators, or brownie bakers. Implementation alone involves an increase in staff, not consulting.

However, many customers consider a consulting proposal weak or empty if it only offers advice or a solution without any practical implementation. Although “comprehensive consulting” should generally be avoided, value can probably be added to proposals if some level of implementation is included. Whether it's in-person classes, online materials, peer-facilitated groups, or some other modality, try to include some training in your projects. Some of you may have heard the criticism that management consultancies offer solutions that companies already really knew.

If you had a list of the best ways your consulting firm could add value to a consulting project, then you could quickly review the list and create additional levels of attractive and attractive benefits.

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