What are the weaknesses of an organization?

Weaknesses prevent an organization from performing at its optimal level. A Gallup study found that companies must strive to maintain a 4-to-1 ratio between engaged and unengaged employees to maintain a high level of energy and morale. Excellent efficiency and productivity A customer service that generates an enthusiastic following. Your company's strengths and weaknesses are the areas where your company excels and those where it lags behind the competition.

By making a list of the company's strengths and weaknesses and analyzing them, you can create a better business map for achieving long-term sustainable growth. Every company has different characteristics, so this list of company strengths and weaknesses is just the beginning. The fact that a company fails to achieve its objectives in a strategic business direction can be considered a business weakness. Find out how to leverage your company's strengths and improve weaknesses at an immersive business mastery event.

Ernest Oesterling
Ernest Oesterling

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