What is the difference between a good consultant and a great consultant?

There's also a big difference between good and great. In the consulting world, there is no average because average means fired. It's easy to work with a good %3D, someone who is a reliable asset for the team. Great is a leader three times someone you want to keep in touch with in the long term because that person will have great success in life.

A good consultant has the ability to move a project or initiative forward in a persistent way, without interrupting or damaging relationships. Friendly and reasonable, good consultants lead with authenticity and are humble enough to admit their faults. They maintain a positive attitude and demonstrate an energy and passion that match or exceed those of the customer. Companies hire consultants because they expect the consultant to have more knowledge or experience than the company's internal teams or people, or because they don't have the bandwidth needed to solve the problems they face.

It is important to consider the qualities of a good consultant, since a leader is looking for the one that best suits their business. A great consultancy firm is not afraid of the truth because it has backed the truth with a work plan based on work hypotheses and has proactively managed problems and risks. A good consultant not only believes in continuous improvement as the best management practice, but also incorporates it into their personal life. Great consultants generate attractive business plans and cases that create and drive imperatives at all levels.

When management evaluates when to hire a consultant, it can also consider the difference between a traditional consultancy and a systemic consultancy such as Open Eye. Good consultants do their job, and even if the overall program doesn't achieve its objectives, a good consultant usually feels comfortable knowing that they have done what they can.

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